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EXETER  CHOW GAR KUNG FU & Tui Na massage          
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Tui Na Information

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na is a form of ancient Chinese massage
The nerves,muscles,joints,tendons etc

What can be treated?
Carpel tunnel, tenis/golfers elbow, side effects of rsi, back pain, loose joints, nerve pains, sports injuries and general sprains, or strains.

How often can I recieve Tui Na treatment?
Once a week for treatment, as normally it takes around 2/3 days between sessions for the body to re-gain a  natural balance.  Most injuries require a course of treatment - but some can be cured in one session, again depending on the individual severity of the case.

How long does it work?
Tui Na can bring balance back to your body & mind, to counter the effects of the way in which we live. It's effects stay with you until you naturaly un-balance your body again.
What side effects are there?
After treatment if the sessions are quite strenuous there could be natural feelings of tiredness the following days to compensate for the administered treatments.

What can go wrong?
Every person can react in a different way to treatment, Tui Na will not detriment you in any way it will only trigger reactions that should be noticable improvements. 

What are the results?
The degree of improvement is subject to the individual and could  be directly related to how long the injury has been present.  A recent injuiry is more responsive to treatment.

Who can be treated?

Any age of person - children to great great grand parents!
Tui Na Information - what is Tui Na? - Exeter Chow Gar Kung Fu
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