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EXETER  CHOW GAR KUNG FU & Tui Na massage          
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Tui Na & Chow-Gar accreditations and testimonials
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No photo available Case: #1 "Bed ridden due to severe back pain" Date: November 2004
Name:  Mike Radford  Location:   Exeter
Problem: Couldnt move and had to stay in bed due to excessive back, knee and leg pain
Treatment: 7 sessions over a period of 7 weeks of Tui Na

After hurting my back and being completely bedridden and the only way of getting around was on crutches I rang Rob (Mr Dawkins).! was so bad he had to visit me at home. After having a good feel of my back,his feeling was that I had a trapped a nerve which was interfeeing with my back leg and knee. Rob began to give me some treatment called Tui'na (Art) a form of nerve massage. After the first treatment I could manage with just one crutch, and I could get out of bed which was a big bonus I carried on going to Rob for weekly sessions and every week it was so much better.ln all I've had seven sessions and I am as mobile as I was before. The pain in my back leg and knee is completely gone and I am walking upright again. I would recommend this treatment that Rob does to anyone.
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